Effies Results Don't Lie - Banners

The advertising industry has an amazing ability to stretch the truth when entering work into creative award shows. The Effie Awards, however, are different. Only work that achieves real business results for real clients brings home the metal. So to encourage agencies to enter the 2013 Effie Awards in New Zealand, we interviewed the country’s top ECDs and CEOs about their most ‘successful’ campaigns from the last year. Only, we had a police-trained polygraph examiner perform the interviews. As part of the campaign, we developed a virtual polygraph machine that lived within a banner. Using a voice-stress analysis algorithm, the banner allowed everyone from the industry to take their own test. The banner displayed on industry blogs, and scrutinized users about their professional integrity. Users could even print out a personalised results poster to proudly display in their offices, or bury deep in their draws, depending on their results.